WTF is piping?

Piping might sound complicated, but it is a very cool, handy and easy to use feature.

At the core of it, it is just using a previous questions answer in the next question.

Imagine that question 1 is "What is your name?", then in question 2 you can use that answer in the question title, eg "Nice to meet you, ANSWER1! Where do you live?"

See the visual example below 👇




How do I do use it?

When adding in a question, you will have the option to "+Add variable" in the title and description boxes.

Simply choose the question which you would like to use in the heading or description, and you done (oh, and it will need to be a previous question - you can't pipe future answers!!!)!

See below 👇





Wait, there's more... 

You might be wondering what that "Default" word is doing in there?

If your question that you are piping is not a required question (forcing people to answer the question before advancing on in the survey) people may skip over the question leaving us with no value to place. That is when we use the wording that is placed there (in the example above, it would just be "default"). You can edit this to whatever suits in to your survey.


If you have questions, feel free to give us a shout and we will gladly give you a hand!