Adding collaborators to your account


💥 Heads up! Each of our plans has a different number of collaborators that you can add to your account. To see how many each plan offers, head on over to our pricing page.


Whether you need a hand in creating your survey or you need to bring the whole team on board, we've made it super simple to add multiple collaborators to your account 👯


1. Login in to your dashboard

2. in the top right corner, click "Add collaborators"

3. Scroll a little down and you will find a big ol' orange button under the heading "Add a team member". Click it 

4. A new window will open where you can place in the collaborators name, email, password and role (more about that below).

5. Once you done, hit the "Add collaborator" button

Voila! You've now added a collaborator 😎 






Roles & Permissions

When adding a collaborator, you can assign them different roles that allow them access to different functions within your account.