Use your own domain for your surveys (custom domains)


💥 Heads up! Before we get started, this is going to involve making changes to your domain settings with your domain registrar. If you are not comfortable or responsible for managing your domain, rather pass this guide to the relevant person who can have this up for you in no time.


If you would like your surveys to be available on your domain (or subdomain) you're in the right place 😎

While many other survey companies either don't allow you to use your own domain (or charge huge sums of money for it), we've made it super simple to get this up and running on all our packages, free included.

In order to make use of this, you will need to to point a CNAME record for the domain you'd like to use to


Adding a CNAME record

Step 1: Log into your domain registrar

Step 2: Go to your DNS settings page for the domain you would like to use

Step 3:
  - Add in a new CNAME record
  - Host: Give it a name of your choosing (example: survey)
  - Points to:
  - TTL: Can leave as is or lower to the lowest value available (Note: not all providers show this, so don't be alarmed if it is not available)

Step 4: Save your changes

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your domain registrar to make the changes


How to test it is setup correctly:
Once the domain has propagated you will be able to access the SuperSimpleSurvey home page by going to (the hostname is the name you gave in step 3 of setting up the CNAME record.

Note: These changes may take a while to reflect as the domain changes need to propagate globally. If it has taken more than 24 hours we suggest to contact your domain provider.


How to access your surveys on with your custom domain:
All you need to do is take the original survey link and replace with your custom domain.

  • Original:
  • NEW: