Automatic email for every response your survey receives


💥 Heads up! If you are looking for a more advanced "If this, then that" functions that can also fire off an email for certain responses, take a look at our "Logic!" page.


If you need to get a email for every response your survey receives, you can quickly turn on the automatic email function in the sharing settings.



1. Login to your account.

2. Hover over the survey you would like to receive notifications for.

3. Click on the sharing icon, which will redirect you to the sharing overview page.

4. Now click on the "Sharing settings" option which will take you to the settings screen.

5. Click the "Notifications" option and select the option to receive an email after every response.

6. Hit that save button!

💥 BAM, there you go! 


If you get a little stuck, here's a animated gif showing you how to set it up 👇