Allowing a user to answer a survey only once (AKA: Quota limiting or Ballot Box stuffing)


💥 Heads Up! By default when you create a survey, your survey takers will be able to fill in your survey multiple times.


For certain surveys, you may want limit users to only take the survey once (like for voting), and other scenarios you may want them to answer the same survey multiple times.

If you want them to answer only once, we've made it super simple to limit your users by either IP, Cookie or email (password too, but that's another article). If that sounds a bit too nerdy for you, we've got a non nerd explanation below 🤓

  • Limit by IP : This checks the IP of the user and doesn't allow the user to take the survey again from that IP address. It is very secure way of securing your survey, but may result in other users in the same location not being able to complete the survey if their is a static IP address.
  • Limit by Cookie: This stops the user from completing the survey by means of a cookie on the web browser. The issue with this is that the user can open up another web browser on the same computer and complete the survey again.
  • Limit by Email: This is a great option if you are sending to a mailing list. This is quite a special option and requires a few additional steps depending on how you will be sendnig the email. If you would like to use this option, here's the knowledgebase article.

We highly recommend limiting by cookie in 99% of the cases. Limiting by IP may cause problems when people in the same office have the same IP address, where only one person in that office would be able to take the survey.



Enough about that here is how you activate the feature 👇



1. Login to your account.

2. Hover over the survey you would like to receive notifications for.

3. Click on the sharing icon, which will redirect you to the sharing overview page.

4. Now click on the "Sharing settings" option which will take you to the settings screen.

5. Scroll down to the option "Allow users to fill in survey more than once" and give that a good ol' click.

6. Select which option you would like and hit save

🎉 ... And you're done :)


If you get a little stuck, here's a animated gif showing you how to set it up 👇