Understanding your report


We've made it super simple to be a data nerd, without the nerdiness 🤓

Below you can find a quick intro to the different bits and pieces on each of the tabs on your export, with little explanations in case you have any queries 👇




This is a pretty straightforward one, showing you some high level details of when your survey was made, last edited, etc...

What we find really cool, is that you also get a quick overview of how you survey performed at different times and days, which can help with future survey shares and sends.

Under the "Respondent Overview" section, you may notice the "Opened", "Started", "Completed" line items, with corresponding percentages. We get asked a lot about the differences, so here we are 💁🏻

  • Opened: The clicked the link of your survey, but did not answer any question.
  • Started: They opened your survey, and answered at least one question.
  • Completed: They got through the whole survey, and made it to the completion page.


The other question we often get asked, is regarding the "questions answered" and "questions skipped" section. While "questions answered" is pretty self explanatory, "questions skipped" is when a user does not answer a particular question. This is possible if the question is not required, or if it may be hidden with "Logic!".

Another thing to note, sometimes people may leave the survey open on their computer or mobile device for a day or two, which will give you a very long "Longest time taken to complete the survey" time. 


Raw Data

The raw data export gives you a completely raw dump of all the responses for each response your survey has collected.

The first few columns gives information relating to the respondent (NOTE: this information is not shown when the survey has been set to anonymous in the sharing settings) and then after that is the response data.

User data:

  • ID: This is a unique identifier given to the respondent.
  • Status: Whether the survey was opened, started or completed.
  • Browser: The browser that the user took the survey on.
  • Operating System: The operating system that the user took the survey on.
  • Email: Shows the email address of the respondent IF the survey was sent by email, and the email tracking setting was turned on.
  • IP: the IP address of the respondent (may be the same for multiple respondents if they came from the same office, cafe, etc...).
  • Open time: Time the respondent opened the survey.
  • Start time: Time the respondent started the survey.
  • Completion time: Time the respondent completed the survey.


Question response data:

Each question is represented by it's own column. For questions that can have multiple responses or inputs (like our multiple choice and address questions), these have a separate column for each input and/or option.



Question responses

Each question gets it's own sheet with all the response information and overview in your data export (and graphs, where applicable).

Because we have quite a lot of different questions, they each contain slightly different bits of information depending on the question type.

On each question we do provide some statistical analyse, right in the export.

If you not sure what they are, here some articles for you: