Getting started with Logic! (If this, then that...)


What is Logic?

Logic is one of our super powerful features, giving your survey super powers!

With that marketing fluff out the way, Logic allows you to add conditional based functionality off the answers of your survey questions.

With Logic! you can:

  • Skip questions based off previous answers
  • Show or hide questions based off previous answers
  • Send a email instant notification to an email address based off an answer
  • End the survey early based off an answer
  • Show a message to a user based off an answer


As you can imagine, this adds a powerful level of customisation (especially when used in conjunction with our piping feature).


Getting started with Logic!

To add logic to your survey is easy.

On any question you've added, click on the logic button which can be found by hovering on the question.




That will slide open up the Logic! screen:




Here you will be able to add in your conditions and the subsequent functions.

When you done adding in your Logic, just hit the "Save & Close" button and you done.


Some quick "How To's" with Logic!