Send a email to yourself based off a bad (or good) response using Logic!


Quick Logic! Overview

Logic! is one of our powerful features, that allows you to perform certain functions (such as sending emails, skipping/showing/hiding questions, etc...) based off a users response to a question in your survey.

To find out more about Logic!, see our comprehensive overview here.


Sending yourself (or someone else) an email based off a response.

We've made it super simple to quickly add this really cool feature into your survey.

It can be done for any question type, but we will just use a number rating question as a example

  • Ensure that the rating question you want to use is added to your survey.
  • Once added, hover over any question in your survey editor and click the logic button which will bring up the Logic! page.
  • In the logic page, click on "Add Logic! rule to your survey" which will add in a Logic! condition for you.
  • In the "If" section of the Logic! rule, find the rating question you want used and add in the condition.
  • Set the function you want performed in the "then" section of the Logic! rule to "Send an email" and add in your email address
  • Click the "Save & Close"

And that's it - easy right!

Here's a quick gif showing you how it's done 👇